How Do I Pick The Perfect Wig For Date Night?

If you’re a wig wearer, you know that wearing the right wig is crucial for a date night. You want to look great while you’re having fun with your significant other, and a wig is an easy way to do that. 

The Up Do 

Updos are a fantastic choice for this because they offer versatility and are practical. You can adapt them to suit all hair lengths and textures, making them ideal for many occasions. The best updos are easy to style, which means you can spend more time enjoying your date and less time worrying about how your hair will look. Messy, deliberately undone styles are also incredibly flattering as they highlight the texture of your hair and create movement and volume; leaving a few tendrils of hair loose to fall around the face is another way to frame your features. 

The Wrap 

One of the easiest date night looks is the ‘half up half down’ style, which can be done with any length wig. Simply pull up the upper section of your wig or natural hair and secure it with a pin or elastic band. If you want to add a little more flair to your hair, try adding a fringe. This is an easy way to make your style more playful and gives your face a more flattering look. 

Sophisticated Pony 

A sleek ponytail may seem like a casual go-to for your hair when you’re running late for an evening out, but a simple twist can turn this date night staple into something that screams class. Take a one-inch section from your pony and wrap it around the base of your elastic before discreetly securing it with bobby pins for a look that’s red carpet-ready in a flash. 

Bardot Inspired Half-Up Do 

The Bardot inspired half-up do has been around for years and remains as one of the most in-demand hairstyles in the salon. The style is simple to achieve and ticks all the boxes – it’s glamorous, stylish, and most importantly, functional. The most impressive part of this wig is the voluminous volume it creates, especially at the crown. It’s also the most sexy and flattering on medium to long length hair. 

To get this sexy looking half-up wig, it’s best to prep your hair in a way that accentuates your natural texture. For example, for soft waves use a curling iron to help shape your hair and produce the perfect amount of volume. Next, backcomb the best-looking section of your hair, swooping the hair off of your forehead to reveal a pretty impressive looking hairdo. Finally, top it off with a splash of hairspray and you’re ready to go! The best part is you can wear it all day and then change it up when you’re ready for a night out on the town. 

Whether you’re planning a date night to watch a movie or have a romantic dinner, you want to look your best! At The Big Wigs of Orange, CA, they’re dedicated to helping you choose the perfect wig for any occasion! Their wig salon offers human hair and synthetic wigs, as well as wig restoration. Got a fun night out coming up? Don’t hesitate and contact them today: