Stylish Wig Restoration in Orange County, California

When you choose a wig salon, it is common to go into the experience expecting to build a lasting relationship. At The Big Wigs wig salon in Orange County, CA, we know how important it is for you to feel comfortable with your wig styling and wig restoration services.

Our processes are simple and professional. There is more to getting a wig and wearing it than picking one off the shelf. Learn more about the wig restoration and wig styling techniques at The Big Wigs wig salon in Orange County, CA, and experience the expertise that is waiting to give you a special day.

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Wig Restoration in Orange County, CA

Wigs can have a life of their own sometimes, especially when you have a favorite. When you are dealing with frontal or closure issues, or need additional thickness to your wig, our wig restoration processes can help. We take our time to ensure your wig restoration is as thorough as possible.

Our wig restoration involves deconstructing and taking the wig apart. We will then reconstruct the wig, adding replacement sections where necessary. We can process the wig and create a new custom hairline and design it as you wish. The wig will then be cleaned, conditioned, and pressed according to your tastes and preferences.

About The Big Wigs Wig Styling

There are two kinds of wigs: human or natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. The Big Wigs wig salon experts know that wig styling is as individual and unique as any other kind of hairstyling.

While synthetic wigs are more affordable, styling has its own limitations. Heated tools and synthetic wigs are not a great combination, but we have the expertise to create a finished and polished look with your wig styling with synthetic wigs.

Natural hair wigs offer a little more wiggle room for styling and finishing. There is some room for more creativity, as we can use more heated tools here. However, we can create any design you need for your wig styling regardless of what kind of wig it is.

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When you want wig styling and wig restoration, you want the experience to be as personalized as you are. Our stylists are professionals and experts in this field and want you to leave feeling amazing. Call The Big Wigs Wig Salon in Orange County, CA, today and book your first appointment.

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