How To Choose the Best Wig for Your Face Shape

What is the best wig for my face shape? Some people wear wigs for reasons of hair loss due to medical conditions or following treatments for illnesses. Others simply prefer the option over their own style. There are a vast array of wigs that can offer everyone natural appeal.

The priority is determining the most suitable option for your specific face shape. Most faces are a subtle combination of a few shapes. That’s whether you might have high cheekbones, maybe a more rounded chin, a long forehead, and on.

The idea is to select a wig that will compliment you and make you feel good in your skin. Let’s look at some face shapes examples to determine the style that might enhance those features.

What Is the Best Wig for My Face Shape?

If you’re having difficulty discerning how do I choose the best wig for my face, fortunately, the options are plentiful.

Ideally, if you’re uncertain of your face shape, you can try many styles available. Usually, the help of a friend or family member, even a store rep, is beneficial.

You’ll know when you find the right one because it will feel the most natural. Consider these suggestions when trying to determine what is the best wig for your face shape.

How should you dress a square face?

Usually, with a square face shape, the forehead and chin are the most pronounced features. Often these are wide, with the jawline and forehead comparable in width, with the jawline having an angular appearance.

These individuals want to wear their hair on the longer side, avoiding chin-length cuts. A tapered look with bangs is ideal for helping soften what can be perceived as rather sharp features with a square face. A midi length can also serve your purpose of softening the angles.

How do you dress for the round face shape?

A round face shape is unique from any others since there are minimal to no structural angles. The primary feature is the more profound rounded cheeks that provide the overall prominent shape.

When dressing the round face, the suggestion is to consider hairstyles consisting of much volume, perhaps loads of waves or layers. Again, it’s better to have some length to the hair allowing the layered strands to provide structure to the supple jawline.

With this face shape, many wig styles should be avoided, like those offering “inward layering toward the face.” These will include pixies and short bobs. These will detract from the loveliness of your features.

How will you dress the heart face?

The broad forehead pronounces a heart face, but also the chin will point from beneath, and the cheekbones will be profound. This shape is fortunate in that an array of styles complements these individuals. Some stunners include a fringe swept to the side with a cut at the chin.

Those inward layers toward the face we were speaking of work well. Still, the scene stealer for this group is the midi length as not only a more comfortable, easy option but adds an air of sophistication.

How should you dress the oval face?

Of all the face shapes, the oval face is capable of wearing virtually any style with ease. The face is long with a broader forehead as compared to the chin.

Fortunately, with this shape, you can try all sorts of styles that you find appealing, and most will be complimentary. Your challenge will be in deciding on just one.

Final Thought

In reality, you might find that your face is a blend of a few shapes and find it challenging to put it in one specific category. That’s common. While guiding you toward a particular wig is beneficial, the rules of face shapes are not stringent.

You’re encouraged to try different options in varying styles until you find the one that brings you confidence and comfort. That’s of primary importance.