How Do I Style My Wig for Different Occasions?

How do I style my wigs for different occasions? Finding a wig to wear to your company holiday party or an office BBQ doesn’t have to be so difficult. Wigs are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes to match whatever occasion you are attending. Continue reading to learn how to style your wig for the right occasion.

Styling Your Wig for Different Occasions

What are ways to style wigs for different occasions? Here are some tips for styling your wig, depending on the event you are attending.


Most events that take place at work are, for the most part, dressy casual. It is probably pretty easy to find an outfit, but not so much when styling your hair. For this occasion, you may want to avoid an overly extravagant hairstyle. Whatever your choice of hairstyle, make sure to keep it natural and simple. For this type of event, hair wigs that are natural looking are more appropriate. Natural wigs require more maintenance than synthetic wigs, but they are ideal for professional events. Natural wigs are light and breathable. Your hair stylist can even style and cut your natural wig to your liking.


Wearing an updo to a formal event is typically a go-to. However, styling a wig in an updo can be challenging. Many people conceal their synthetic wig’s appearance by wearing bangs. There’s also an alternative. Many women can choose to wear lace front wigs instead. Lace fronts offer fine strands and appear just like your own natural hair. The same applies even when you fix your hair in an updo or pull it back.

For darker skin tones, slightly dab a wet teabag over your lace to provide your lace with tone. This tip also helps to blend into your complexion.

For formal events, you should go with human hair wigs. But if you want to style your hair in an updo, choose a lace front wig.


Beach holidays can be difficult when it comes to styling your wig. Most people that suffer from hair loss can’t just remain carefree and relaxed. Instead, they look for ways to help them feel confident at the beach.

If you are planning on swimming, a swimming cap may come in handy. If you don’t feel comfortable taking off your wig to change into a swimming cap, there are hats available that look natural and will stay on your head while you are in the water.

Just to be on the safe side, you should consider taking a few synthetic wigs with you instead of just one natural wig. Trying to wash the sand out of a wig can be a nightmare. The hair strands can easily become tangled.

The hotter weather can also hurt wigs since the sun can cause discoloration. Sweat can even cause everlasting stains. This makes choosing a synthetic wig the best option for the holidays.


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