Can I Donate My Wig to Cancer Patients?

If you’re an empathetic person, you might wonder if you can do something to help patients suffering from cancer. The answer is that you can help in many ways, and donating gently used wigs is one.

The Importance of Donating Wigs to Cancer Patients

People who suffer from cancer have a lot on their plate. They must deal with the emotional strain and stress from battling an illness, along with the financial burden of high medical bills. Many such people don’t have the finances to purchase a wig, but they desire to own one during their chemotherapy.

Often, the hair falls out during chemo treatment, and the loss causes patients to develop a lower sense of self-confidence. By donating your lightly used wigs, you’ll help people who want to restore their self-confidence during a highly-challenging time.

If you’re only an occasional wig wearer, now would be a great time to sift through your collection and offer some gorgeous wigs to people who could use them more than you.

How You Can Benefit From Donating Wigs

Donating lightly used wigs doesn’t just benefit the recipients. You can reap a few benefits as well. These are a few:

Tax Deductions

You can receive a tax deduction if you choose to donate to charitable causes. As long as you get a receipt or proof of donation, you can enter the value of anything you donate into the appropriate section in your tax form. Thus, your donation could help cut down on your taxes a little.

Tidier Home

You can benefit from having a tidier home if your wig collection is large enough to take up a generous amount of space. Thus, your kindness in offering your items to cancer patients can help you become more organized.

A Sense of Purpose

You’ll feel a sense of purpose knowing that you helped someone who sincerely needs assistance. Putting a smile on another person’s face can make you feel happy and fulfilled.

How To Donate Wigs to Cancer Patients

Donating wigs to cancer patients is as easy as finding a reputable organization and then contacting them to contribute. The American Cancer Society is one place you can donate your wigs. Visit their website and then navigate to their search page. You’ll need to enter the keyword “wig” and then enter your place of residence so that you can find a location near you. is another organization you can talk to if you would like to donate your wigs to cancer patients in need. You can visit their website to get the appropriate information. The organization takes the wigs and puts them through the cleaning and restoration process, and then they offer them to cancer patients. You’ll have to wrap the wigs in plastic wrap and offer a $20 cash donation to assist with the restoration. However, you can request a receipt for tax deductions.

Several other organizations accept wig donations as well. Examples are and Start making a huge difference and donate gently used wigs today.