What Are The Dos And Don’ts Of Wig Maintenance?

Wigs can be exciting and fun, but knowing how to maintain them correctly is vital. Caring for your wig the right way can extend its life effectively. The following are some commonly asked inquiries about wigs and their care:

What Do I Need to Know Before Wearing a Wig?

Before you wear a wig, you should know the differences between human hair and synthetic wigs. You’ll also need to know if you have sensitive skin that might react to a new product. You must choose a human hair wig if you have allergies because it will be less likely to cause problems. Be sure to read all the information on the tags and package so that you’ll know what you’re getting when you decide to invest in a wig for yourself.

What Are the Dos and Dont’s of Wig Maintenance?

These are several of the golden rules of wig maintenance to extend the life of your items once you have them:

Do use special wig care products.

You’re right to want to take care of your wig correctly, but you need to know that they have special care products that aren’t like regular hair care items. Wig shampoos and conditioners don’t contain the same harsh chemicals that regular hair care items have. Thus, you’ll need to ensure that you use the appropriate materials for wig care. Ask a professional if you feel lost or confused about what to use on your wig.

Don’t apply heat.

Never apply heat from a curling iron, straightening comb, or blow dryer to a wig unless the packaging says it’s safe for such processes. Some wigs are made to withstand heat, but most of them are not. Do your due diligence when shopping to avoid ruining the product.

Do take it to a wig specialist.

A specialist can assist you when it comes time for you to style your wig. Those people have specific training and experience in wig care and can help you achieve the style you want.

Don’t use sprays on your wig.

Keep regular hair sprays, creams, and other products away from your wig. Try not to put these products in the hair as they can cause tangles, greasiness, and degradation. A light coat is acceptable in some situations, but you should speak to a wig expert before using anything.

Don’t sleep in your wig.

You might be tempted to sleep in your wig, but it’s not a good idea. It will likely become tangled and unmanageable if you do so. Thus, it’s wise to take it off before going to bed. Also, you should never shower with it or leave it on during a horrible rainstorm.

Do keep the wig packaged nicely.

Keep your wig in its package and store it in a safe place when you aren’t wearing it. That quick process will preserve its life so you can enjoy it for many more years.

Follow the simple rules mentioned above to ensure that you and your wig have a wonderful life together. You’ll be glad you got the most out of your money.