What is Wig Styling?

If you have been thinking about starting to wear wigs, you should know that there are numerous ways to style them. If you have been wearing wigs for a while, you can achieve the perfect look by trying various styling. Firstly, there are two types of wigs, natural and synthetic. A natural wig is typically made from human hair, while a synthetic wig is usually made from artificial fiber. Here are wig styling tips that you should try.

1. Always Style Your Wig When It’s Totally Dry

After wig dying and washing, it’s crucial that you only style it when it’s completely dry. Ensure that the wig has sufficient time to dry completely. This is because if you style your wig when it’s still damp, the weight of the water can straighten the wig’s fibers and straighten curls on the wig, ruining its style.

2. Utilize a Chin Strap for Hands-Free Styling

Before styling your wig, make sure that it’s well-secured to your head. You should use a chin strap to hold your wig to your head securely. This will allow you to use both hands for styling without worrying that the wig will slide out of place. Moreover, using both hands for styling your wig means that you will have better results. This is because you will see both the wig frame and your face much better, since you won’t have to use one hand to hold the wig to your head.

3. Invest in a Styling Head

A styling head is a must-have accessory for anyone who often wears a wig. It can be challenging to execute more complicated styles if you are styling your wig while wearing it on your head. Investing in a styling head means that you will have a perfect place to style, cut, and fill your wig before wearing it. Use T-pins to secure your wig to the styling head. Using a styling head will help your more delicate and expensive human hair wig last longer.

4. Use a Stainless Steel Brush on Your Synthetic Wig

You should only use a stainless steel brush when styling a synthetic wig. This will prevent the stretching and shedding of the fibers, allowing your wig to last longer. Brush it with short lifting strokes if your wig has soft curls, waves or tight curls. If your wig is straight and smooth, brush it with long, even strokes.

5. Only Use Specifically Certified Wig Styling Products

Only use wig styling products specifically certified for synthetic wigs if you wear synthetic wigs. On the other hand, strictly use wig styling products formulated for human hair wigs if you wear human hair wigs. Mixing and matching wig styling products can ruin your wig.

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