Can You Resize Wig Caps?

Just like shoes and dresses, wigs also have unique sizing conventions. Since you likely haven’t been wearing wigs all your life (as you have clothes and shoes), it can be hard for wig-buyers to figure out the correct size wig caps to purchase. Some manufacturers make matters even more complicated by utilizing slightly varied sizing scales. However, you shouldn’t be worried, as finding the correct size wig caps will be pretty easy once you understand the basics of wig cap sizing.

Wig Cap Sizes

There are three primary wig cap sizes; petite, average, and large.

  • Petite: Most petite wig caps in the market today measure between 20 to 21.25 inches (51cm to 54cm) in circumference. This wig cap size is meant for younger individuals or those with small-size heads.
  • Average: The average wig size cap is the one that’s more common and measures between 21.25 to 22.5 inches (54cm to 57cm) in circumference. Statistics indicate that about 90% of people who wear wigs go for an average size wig cap.
  • Large: The large wig cap size has a circumference larger than 22.5 inches (57cm). The large size is meant to accommodate a person who might have a larger than usual head or those trying to conceal a significant amount of hair under their wigs.

Measuring Your Head for a Wig

You can easily find which wig cap sizing to pick by measuring your head’s circumference with a flexible plastic or fabric tape measure. Here’s how;

  • If you have natural hair, make sure it’s as flat as possible before you start measuring.
  • Measure your head’s circumference using the flexible tape measure starting above your ears and following the hairline.
  • We recommend that you stand in front of a mirror while taking the measurements so that you can follow your hairline as accurately as possible when taking the measurement.
  • Repeat the measuring at least three times and average the results to get the most accurate measurement.

You should know that most wig caps are fitted with a half-inch Velcro adjustment allowance. Thus, the wig cap you purchase can adjust by up to half an inch to fit your head perfectly.

Wig Cap Care

Wig caps don’t require much care apart from washing from time to time. We recommend that you wash your wig cap when washing your wig using the same shampoo. Before you store your wig, you must ensure that they dry completely. This will prevent mold from growing on the wig cap and compromising its quality.

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